Monday, October 6, 2008

Mirror Lake UU Church hosts Shuffleboard Mystery Dinner

UU St. Pete Launches First Mystery Dinner
Mark your calendar for 6-9pm Saturday, October 25. That's the date of the Mystery Dinner -- an evening of good food and friends.

For the evening, we're turning Gilmour Hall into Gilmour Convention Center, but due to a scheduling snafu, two conventions have been booked at the same time -- a roller derby team and a shuffleboard team. Talk about culture shock! Misunderstandings abound, the mystery deepens and mirth ensues.

This is a participatory event; everyone attending will be assigned a character, with a description of that character's personality and a suggestion for how to dress. There will be a variety of speaking parts -- you'll be asked to choose whether you want to have lots of lines or no lines, or something in between. We also are looking for props and would appreciate the loan of roller skates or shuffleboard poles for the evening.

Because this is a fundraiser, it will be a potluck. For those bringing a dish (enough to serve 6-8 people), attendance is $10. If you don't want to bring a dish, attendance is $20. We will waive the attendance fee for those who cannot afford it.

If there is sufficient demand, childcare will be available for an additional fee.
You can RSVP directly to Mike Manning (727) 374-0570. Please indicate who and how many are attending; whether you would like a large, medium or small speaking part, or a no-speaking part; if you will bring a dish; and if you would like childcare to be available.

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