Thursday, September 4, 2008

Creatives Speak Up 9/4/08

Shuffleboard really is for all ages By Christa Fairbrother

The St. Pete Shuffleboard club on Mirror Lake Dr. is the world’s oldest and largest shuffleboard club. Founded in 1924, we’ve gone through many changes but we remain one of the most unique recreational opportunities in Florida. Our historic structures are one of downtown’s features, and we’re working with the city to restore and renovate them.

For me, the uniqueness of the complex is a large part of why I’m involved. In our many strip malls and big box stores, it’s a challenge to find anything manufactured, created, or unique to Pinellas County in any way. I can guarantee when I call distant family and friends they have not played shuffleboard on historic courts in the last week, and I can say I have and had a blast doing it.

I know the stereotype is that only old people or people on cruises play shuffleboard, but one of the truly great things about shuffle is you can be 2 or 92 and have a great time. Our board president is under 30 and as you can see from the photo, if you expect them to make Olympic trials, you have to start training young. Our son is two and knows the rules and how they apply to life principles – stay out of the kitchen or you’re penalized.

As you know the nights are warm and beautiful south of the south. Come out and join us on a Friday night! We’d love for you to get involved and help us keep this amazing St. Pete institution thriving and vibrant.
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