Wednesday, July 30, 2008

St. Pete Times Letter to the Editor - Mirror Lake site deserves respect

In print: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

City cites its own landmark July 22

Mirror Lake site deserves respect

The condition of the historic Mirror Lake Complex site, including its shuffleboard court, represents a disgraceful lack of action on the part of St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker, City Council and city services administrator, Clarence Scott.

Scott's comment, "The city is cautious about how we proceed because we are spending taxpayers' dollars," contradicts the demand by residents that "it" be fixed. I agree with the comments made by Chris Kelly, founder of St. Pete Shuffle: "Neglect is a strategic decision … allowing the building to get to the point where it cannot be economically restored."

I feel fixing the complex doesn't fit into Baker's plan for downtown development. I call for Baker and Scott to be held accountable for their giving development priority over the preservation of our city's oldest such complex, the oldest such facility in our nation. History is worthy of our respect and care.

Nancy Daly, St. Petersburg

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